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There are many Contact Relationship Managers (CRM) solutions available on the web, but we created a feature rich solution that is simpler and more productive to use. Usually CRM is used in a business environment, but this solution is geared for personal use in addition to business use. You can better organize your business, family, or charity organizations. Keep track of personal contacts and friends. Remember phone conversations, keep track of email and social media contacts, and organize and coordinate your personal tasks and appointments with ease. You even have maps available to remember where your contact lives, and get directions to his business, etc..

You have the option of keeping information private or sharing information with other members of your team. You can set appointments for all to see or appointments that only show in your private personal calendar.

Because this solution is web hosted, data entered from your office PC becomes instantly available on your laptop, home PC, or any computer that you are using world-wide.


The new "Data Sync" feature means very fast, nearly realtime loading of data, as data is entered by team members. Very large data sets are no problem and startup of the program is very quick.

Since a data image is created on your pc and data is loaded into memory, data filtering and searches are extremely fast. Data is kept synchronized for all team (organization) members. Performance of this program is truly amazing. Get the information you need QUICKLY...

Since this program is advertisement supported, you can use it without paying monthly fees. This allows you to get started using ZeroPoint CRM without making a monthly or yearly commitment. If you decide that ZeroPoint CRM is worth a $5/month fee (Annual Subscription $50), you can subscribe and the ads will disappear.

This option is currently available under Menu->Help. If advertising support is insufficient the 'free' access may cease, so please support our advertisers. If users click on ads and can find things that will be helpful and perhaps save you money, it will help us keep free access available. With our experience in developing high performance server-side tools and solutions we are well equipped to develop and support ZeroPoint CRM. We will be systematically adding features and supported devices as we move forward from here. This is a full time effort for us, and we're excited about the ideas that we are building into this product.


Getting Started

Step 1:

When you first install ZeroPoint CRM, a dialog pops up that you can use to log in. If this is your first time using of the program, you need to create a user account. Select the link labeled "Click Here To Get Started!"

After filling in the information (fill in all fields), and the important E-Mail address you select the "Save" button. If there is an error you will be prompted as to what to do, otherwise this will create your user account.

After this is done you will be directed to log in with your new credentials to ZeroPoint CRM system.

Step 2:

You will be prompted the first time you log in to create an organization, if you are not yet a member of any organizations.

After creating your log in you may receive an invitation from an already existing organization, but you can't be invited if you account has not been created, so step 1 is the first thing..

There are two common methods of adding organizations:

Join Existing Org From Invitation:

  • If you have received an invitation to an organization (a button will appear on the upper right side of the program frame that says "Invitations"), you can accept the Invite and it will be added.

Create a New Organization:

  • Select Menu>Create New Organization, and fill in the organization form, and then "Save".

When you create a new Organization, you will be set up as the Organization Manager, so when you log in, there will be tab that will allow you to invite others to your group and assign rights to users so they can share your newly created organization.

Selecting a Password

If the password is too weak, you will need to change it to meet system minimums, before the organization will save. Sometimes even a password that is calculated to be "Weak" will work, but for protection purposes a strong password is important. Be sure it is a combination that you can remember easily. Your password should consist of mixed case letters and numbers. Your password will be stronger if you include other characters:


Minimum password length is 6 characters. Password strength is evaluated and displayed when a new password is created. A password strength of at least 14 is required. After that it's up to you. The use of strong passwords is critical to protecting your business data.

Calendar and Appointments

Personal Calendars

Each cell in the calendar can show appointments set for that day, The color of each calendar day will be changed when a vacation day or holiday is set for that day. The total number of appointments is shown at the top of the cell, if more that 4 appointments are scheduled for that day. The current day of the month is diplayed with a green border after you log in successfully.

To add an appointment, Holiday, or Vacation day, double click on the cell that represents the desired day. An appointment editor will pop up, which you can use to enter new appointments, edit existing appointments, or enter other information. You can enter information about the needs for that appointment, and the results afterwards. This can be very helpful in keeping track of important details.

A 'Move' button has been added to the appointment editor to allow you to easily move appointments. You can change the year, month, day, or appointment time as you will.

Group Calendars

Group calendar management is exactly the same as your personal calendar. The only difference is that the appointment is visible to the entire group and not just to you. An organization manager can put in critical or mutually interesting dates (like holidays) and all members of the group can benefit. Most of us are involved with multiple groups be they church, business, family, sports or community activities. This allows you to keep everything organized, so you can stay on top of the events that are important to you.

If you have not been granted org management priveleges you won't be able to modify group appointments, though they will show up as underlined appointments in your personal calendar. A check box is provided to clear away group appointments so it's easier to identify your personal appointments and plan accordingly.


To view a contact, use your mouse and double click on the row that is the contact you want to edit. When you first begin there will be no entries. Use the menu to select (Menu>Add Contact) option and create your first contact.

There are three basic types of contacts. Private is a contact that no one in the organization but you can see. Global contacts are visible by everyone in the organization. Processing are contacts that have been assigned to you, like in sales they are worked by you but remain visible to all. They are your 'work' contacts. The owner column indicates who is in charge of that contact record.

In addition to extensive contact information, there is another tab (Notes) that allows you to keep track of what has been done with the specific contact. This history can be very helpful in making sure that promises and commitments are followed through properly. Whether a sales lead or conversation with a friend, it's very useful to keep track of what was said, why, and when.

Handy Features

Record information in ZeroPoint CRM is displayed in tables for selection. The tables have a number of features that can make working with a lot of records much easier. Table columns can be sorted by clicking the column heading. Sorts can be ascending, descending, or 'natural' which is the original ordering of the table. This can help you locate a record of interest much quicker. You can also do multi-column sorting by using the CTL key to select another column, setting its order.

The filter option allows you to display only the contacts that satisfy your search specification. For example if you wanted to search for a contact you can enter a fragment of the name, phone number, address, city etc. and only the contacts that satisfy the specification will appear. Selecting the little wisk broom on the right clears the filter.

Columns can be custom sized by dragging the 'edge' of the column in the table header, and the settings are stored automatically so that the next time you load the program, your preferred settings remain.

The column order can be customized in much the same way. Go to the column header you want to move and hold your mouse button down while you reposition the column where you want it to be. Once again the setting is stored automatically.

Another nice feature is that if you set a column sort, that sort preference is also retained automatically.

The Organization Tab order can be customized by using your mouse to drag the tab to the desired position.

The Export button can be used to save all your data, or just the selected rows in the table. Exporting to create a mailing list, as an example, is really easy. Deactivate the rows you don't want to export, order the rows the way you like, or filter the rows to be what you want, Select the desired rows, or select nothing to export all you have displayed asan the export. Export is a very powerful feature. Most CRM programs won't allow you to export your data which may 'force' users to keep using their application but under duress. We want you to keep using our program for what it does, not because of what you would lose to quit using it.

Software Updates

We will be updating software frequently, and when you log in your program will look to see if there's an update and it will automatically download the update and restart.

If your software updates but the build number (the last series of digits in the version that appears on the title bar at the top) does not change, you should reinstall CRM from our website. The current install will show a version number: - When a new upgrade occurs, the the last version numbers should change to a higher number.

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