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ZAppSvr - High Performance Web Services and Application Server

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ZeroPoint Application Server (ZAppSvr) is cross platform (any platform supporting Java) and an ideal application harness. Specifically designed for web and internet delivered data services, ZAppSvr includes an integral load balancer and other features that guarantee scalability. This results in reduced development costs, deployment costs, and increases system reliability and processing power. Efficiency and Speed are two faces of the same coin and the key to high performance.

Easier Applications

ZAppSvr is a stand alone application/web server that minimizes and usually eliminates dependencies on web servers, reduces associated overhead and unneeded complexity. ZAppSvr allows you to design an application that allows the developer greater freedom in meeting design requirements.

Of course ZAppSvr can leverage any web server, but dependency on the web server to provide services can be minimized which increases system efficiency and provides greater flexibility. You need flexibility and options that enable you to quickly resolve issues and build powerful applications quickly. This is a tool that can make life easier and allow you to do more with less effort..

ZAppSvr can be used to provide a more flexible SSL interface to your secure applications. This is a 100% Java solution that preserves the power and flexibility available to the Java developer without imposing a problematic and specialized framework.

Applications consist of the development of a Plugin which is multithreaded by ZAppSvr to service the number of required concurrent users. Necessary functionality is provided to make this process simple and efficient. Since many objects can be referenced by your PlugIn there is no limit on the complexity of your application. Development is easy since all that is needed is to add ZAppSvr.jar to the project and follow the simple guidelines for Plugin development.

Developer Features and Remote Console

This product is designed by developers and for developers. The console allows you to watch system parameters and gain useful insight into the application you are developing. You can see traffic patterns, filter log information, see concurrent requests, see dead threads, monitor memory usage, filter requests, monitor logs and watch for memory leaks in your application in real-time.

In addition to these great features you can Sample Performance Monitor bring up a Dialog that gives you application service execution times. This is a very powerful tool in making sure that everything is running properly and as quickly as needed. After using ZAppSvr you will wonder why other systems don't offer these powerful tools for developers. You NEED ZAppSvr.

Load Balancing

Intelligent load balanced server configuration is provided so that you can, without writing any code, configure ZAppSvr to provide load balanced access across multiple servers. This allows stateful requests to be balanced and routed where they need to go, and stateless connections for static content to be balanced by load. This allows highly complex web service delivery and increased performance in a logical incremental fashion without redesign, and optimizes performance from hardware with varying capacity. With ZAppSvr you can get the highest performance possible with the hardware at your disposal.

ZAppSvr is an incredible value for complex networks, even if you never use the application server features that ZAppSvr provides. However, additional resources are provided to the programmer to load balance requests internal to an application if required.

Faster and Less Expensive Web Services Development

The programmer can focus on the development of the code for his Plugin and eliminate complex programming paradigms and their associated learning curve.

It can be both expensive and frustrating to develop a web service with an overly complex framework that in many cases does not scale very well. ZAppSvr offers open architecture that facilitates your design and does not impose rules and limitations. A truly lightweight system that gets out of your way, and allows you to accomplish your goals more easily.

The vast majority of applications are better deployed as request-response systems which do not require remotely invoking methods on the server and all the overhead associated with that mechanism. The request obviously invokes methods on the server in order to process the request, but without all the overhead requirements of resolving object structures, etc.

Software solutions should reflect the problems they are solving, not the framework they are building on. By using a more sensible design structure developers can complete a project faster, test it easier, and deploy it more easily, saving costs through the entire design and development cycle. Development time can be more easily predicted since programming complexity, development environment, and architecture are all simplified.

Dynamic HTML JSP style development is available to the developer for inserting data into page content on the fly. Adding custom tags and developer created methods is easily accomplished by extending ZAppSvr's PageProcessor class (which provides tag services, etc.). This is a much easier and faster way to develop web service applications. Pages are internally cached so that parsing a page occurs only once. Subsequent page accesses are executed with precompiled speed, without the need for disk access.

Proven technology refined over several years has resulted in an Application Server that is based on real-world experience, and meeting real-world needs, and not just hype. A single tool for multiple roles, ZAppSvr allows you to to rapidly deploy solutions without the confusion of overlapping and widely varied development tools and environments.

Multiple Listeners allows you to leverage the advantages of DNS load balancing, and multiple IP addresses or network segments. Performance is increased creating less of a bottleneck and increasing throughput.

ZAppSvr Remote Console allows you to monitor and optionally control a ZAppSvr instance from anywhere. A highly secure communications system allows you to see log information on current activity, and see via a gui screen exactly what the server is doing, providing real time operational data useful for fine tuning your ZAppSvr configuration.

High Performance

Lightweight design is much more efficient since all connection information is available to you if you need it, but complex objects are not created and filled in on every request. You have access to what you need without the overhead of unneeded request processing. Load balancing, and server routing is built in allowing you to control how your system is scaled over time. This increases efficiency and gives you control for an optimally balanced deployment. The performance increase using these tools is dramatic! "Lean and clean" results in higher speed applications.

Full Featured

Having been put to work for a variety of real-world tasks, ZAppSvr is an experienced tool that is as reliable as it is flexible. A practical set of API's and a large existing code set means we have the ability to solve your problems and help you deliver on time. We are ready to help you reach your web service design goals.

More Than Just Web Services

If you are designing any distributed application, ZAppSvr can provide a nexus for building your application. The need for customized business rule management, networking, and robust scalability make ZAppSvr ideal for any application that requires centralized processing via a network, whether it be the internet or your local network.


We are available to provide engineering expertise for your custom development using these tools to solve problems for clients. Our engineering staff can help provide a backup to your engineering team to help keep your projects on track. We are in the process of adding application notes, and examples that will make building your application easier.

What tools are included with ZAppSvr?

  • ZAppSvr comes with two instance licenses for $199.00. One is intended for development, and the other intended for your deployment server. You can use these licenses for whatever purpose you want, and extra licenses are available for $99 each (All sales plus tax if applicable).
  • ZAppSvr Remote Console - Used to monitor the server remotely, change settings, monitor performance logs, filter out unwanted intruders by IP address, unwanted requests, and other very useful features.
  • You will receive 1 year of updates and access to our customer support website.
  • Included with ZAppSvr is AppStarter, an application that you can use to sequentially launch java applications, which simplifies restarting of complex application sets.
  • ZAppSvr is designed to optionally support Java Service Wrapper (including Community Edition) which makes using ZAppSvr as a service on Linux a breeze.

After purchase, you will receive these licenses via email, with a download link to appropriate installers. Response to your order could take a maximum of 24 hours, but usually it will only a few minutes. We are working on fully automating the purchase process now, but customers are in a hurry so we're releasing it a few days ahead of schedule.

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