Company Overview

ZeroPoint, LLC. (incorporated in 1999) has been organized to develop Internet commerce tools to simplify and accelerate Web deployment of data and services.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the best scalability based web services tools and technology.

CEO's Message

Fat standards for implementing legacy technologies are not what we need. What we really need are clean, and lean technologies that allow us to extend beyond the limitations of current platforms and leverage old standards where needed.

Integration of components that are OS and application specific limit design flexibility. Current solutions require far too many man-hours, are too vendor specific, and are too costly. This is especially for true for dynamic (data driven) Intranet/Internet applications. Costs for development, deployment, and maintenance of critical high traffic networks are needlessly high.

Typical data driven services these days consist of a confusing collage of applications that cause maintenance headaches, reliability issues due to elusive bugs buried in a patchwork of libraries, and serious scalability issues when increased performance is needed.. This might sound like the result of poor programming practice, and perhaps to some degree this is partially true, but this is more a reflection of current web services tools than programming practice. Pressure to deliver complex solutions with excessively complex tools reflects negatively in development cost and production time.

Reduced implementation complexity and increased flexibility are REQUIRED if we are going to keep up with the wired future that lays before us.

We will provide platform independent tools and systems to help mitigate these problems. Our goal is to streamline and simplify solution deployment and the management of complex networks.

Larry Ashworth, CEO

A man's greatness is largely determined by the height of aspirations and his daily dedication to achieve them.

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