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New ZeroPoint CRM v3.00 is a free Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) that leverages the power of ZAppDB and ZAppSvr. You can download and share this CRM tool with your family or team.
(Windows 10/11) This popular, powerful & flexible CRM service is a great example of our technology in action. (prefer a zip?)

Create Web Applications & Pages that Load and Respond Quickly! Create SAS/Cloud Applications that Perform Like They Are Local!
These 'Lightweight Framework' Tools Reduce Complexity, Development Costs and Fixed Expenses.

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ZeroPoint Web/Application Server (ZAppSvr) v2.50

This development suite and web/application server pays for itself the first time you use it. If you need to deliver feature rich projects on time, you need this great product. Build solid, faster and more powerful multi-threaded web service solutions easily. See performance data in real time, before you have a support issue.

Increased speed, easier management, application monitoring, and numerous other benefits make ZAppSvr a powerful tool for innovative solutions.

Get your service up and running without tedious delay and long learning curves.

There's a good reason so many free tools die when almost completed. It takes resources to guarantee that a project is completed and to maintain it afterwards. We want to be there if and when you need support.

ZAppSvr is just $199, and this package comes with two instance licenses. Additional licenses are $99 each.

Available Now!

ZeroPoint Application Database ZAppDB v3.00

ZAppDB may be the ultimate database application. The name may have changed from ZCache to LiveDB, then LiveDB to ZAppDB, but the performance is as insane as ever. Many applications have benefitted from ZAppDB, but the name change we felt was a good one, and ZAppDB is the same core technology. Incrementally improved over time.

Hundreds of concurrent µsec data requests can be handled which makes web delivered data much more responsive, and gives the user a much better experience.

By combining ZAppSvr and ZAppDB it is simple to implement solutions that provide high-speed data access featuring hundreds of concurrent connections with access times in micro-seconds. Data intensive applications using this technology have really benefitted.

As database size increases performance remains very much the same, unlike SQL.

If you want to reach beyond SQL, then ZAppDB will breathe new life into, and increase the performance of, your existing applications.

See the Demo! Amazing!

Available Now!

 ZeroPoint Application Database Details - ZAppDB v3.00       You Need ZAppDB And Here's Why!

While database applications have become larger and application demands have increased, database performance has not improved. Faster read times and high concurrency reads and writes are a necessity, and these new pressures make legacy technologies incapable of meeting requirements.

While there are clustering technologies (an expensive work-around) they simply are not adequate and end up being very costly to implement and maintain in an evolving development environment. Not only does ZAppDB solve these technical issues easily, but fixed expenses can be cut and developer costs drop dramatically.

ZAppDB is particularly important where database intensive web services, and/or many concurrent users reading and writing data need to be supported. Many excellent web service projects fail because data demands exceed database capacity. Built on the indexing system pioneered in ZCachePro, ZAppDB takes performance to a new and even higher level. A perfect match for the stability, speed and flexibility of ZAppSvr, ZAppDB offers stellar performance that is simple to implement. This combo provides high-speed data access featuring hundreds of concurrent connections with request cycle times in micro-seconds.. You have the power to turn your database application into a speed demon and do it quickly.

A major performance improvement over traditional SQL, ZAppDB offers incredibly fast read times and faster writes. ZAppDB is a complete, persistent table data storage system that gives your applications a real edge over the competition. ZAppDB offers amazing read/write performance with minimum resource requirements.

Since ZAppDB is not a SQL database, many performance contraints are eliminated. When combined with a truly fast application server like ZAppSvr, you can dramatically increase data access efficiency, and retrieve data exactly the way you need it. Leveraging all the power that your server is capable of delivering. ZAppDB allows you to build truly scalable applications. Performance remains consistent regardless of the number of records you are working with.

ZAppDB can give you amazing benefits in handling parallel data read access, and accelerated write operations! ZAppDB data is stored in human readable format, and you can create tables easily from MySQL dump files, using a companion utility we provide you.

Features include; easy implementation with a new Java plugin, ZAppDB instance monitoring, and numerous other features that speed up development and allow you to manage resources easily. No need to add complexity to get the performance you need! Get FAST fast.

Serious applications need serious tools, like ZAppDB      ZAppDB Overview

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